Pioneering predictive driver risk management.

There is an inescapable truth about doing business in this day in age: reducing the cost of doing business has never been more critical. Ever.

IVOX DriverScore® incorporates teams of GPS, GIS and actuarial experts utilizing patent-pending risk analysis algorithms and proven business methodologies to create a truly predictive rating tool unlike those found anywhere else.

For the operators of private and commercial fleets, and the companies that insure them, IVOX offers unique predictive rating tools that mitigate risk and the costs associated with it. For commercial fleet operators, IVOX DriverScore is a comprehensive, yet easy-to-implement program which connects the dots between driving behaviors, predictive risk assessment and lower insurance and claim costs. DrivierScore's singular score quickly targets the "at risk" driver so that the company can take corrective action.

For insurance carriers, DriverScore provides a foundation for new product development and rating plans that are linked to driving behavior.