Based in Atlanta, IVOX® is an information services provider of predictive, driver-based information for Driver Risk Management. Through the use of GIS/GPS and accelerometer data, IVOX’s patented technology calculates the most sophisticated predictive, driver-based information available. With more than 15,000 vehicle years of risk adjusted GPS data, IVOX boasts the largest repository of personal driving data linked to claims data.
How does DriverScore work?
First, an unobtrusive, in-vehicle hardware device is installed. Once the vehicle starts, raw driver data is amassed through the in-vehicle GPS/accelerometer data device. IVOX receives the raw, time-stamped driver data via wireless communications. This data is then processed through a scrubbing algorithm in conjunction with GIS data maps to insure data accuracy and visually display results. DriverScore calculates vehicle speed, exact location, hard braking, fast accelerations, rapid lane changes and time of day to produce a single risk-adjusted score.

Similar to how the FICO credit score is generated the driver is assigned a DriverScore based on these risk factors. This singular score provides a predictive measure of accident/claim propensity based on direct driver behavior. Finally, all generated information is streamlined into easy-to-comprehend reports, which are accessible from the DriverScore website.